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REIKI Chakra Cleanse

Through the Divine Connection of our Light Teams, I will sense and observe any areas of concern that may be seeking love and healing. I will then allow the light to guide me toward the specific process that is desired to achieve energetic harmony & balance.

  • Full Chakra Balance

    An energetic healing session that I perform remotely with the assistance of our combined light teams. This may include energy light healing, crystal and/or sound baths, spoken word/vocal vibrations, reiki symbols, aromatherapy, tai chi, shamanic rattles, and other methods of healing.

  • video chat to connect

    Here we will discuss the results of the healing session - What areas of concern were presented, which method(s) of healing were applied, advice from spirit, any other concerns of yours, and/or other messages that may present themselves (30 minutes total).

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Carissa Wallner

Hello, my name is Carissa, I am a Starseed, Lightworker, & Divine Channel for Spirit of the Light. Every healing I provide begins in deep meditation, where I connect with mine & one own's light teams, ascended masters, angels, elementals, higher selves, ancestors, Mother Gaia and all other planets & realms within the dimensions of light. I receive whatever forms of Psychic Clairs may present themselves in order to become aware of what areas are seeking healing and light.
I have been aware of my psychic gifts my entire life, but started to understand the true meaning behind them when I turned 19 years old. Clairaudience (clear spirit hearing) has been my greatest and longest known ability, as I am a natural born musician at heart. Clairsentience (clear spirit feeling) & Claircognizance (clear spirit knowing) are my next strongest psychic abilities as they have allowed me to sense, feel, and know things my entire life, without prior knowledge. Clairvoyance (clear seeing) is a newer gift I have been developing over the past 5-7 years and am very much enjoying the experience of. 

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Reiki originates from ancient Japan, translating to mean "Universal (God) Energy." Reiki is an alternative form of treatment like traditional Chinese medicine, or Ayurveda, that uses divine energy as the primary source for healing. Universal life force (ki) is channeled through the reiki practitioner and into the receiver of healing. Divine light penetrates the cells, organs, bones, and chakras, and can restore the aura to its natural state. Ki energy is typically generated in the hands, but can also be created and sent remotely through the Reiki practitioners third eye.


Because Reiki is 100% energy based, it does not require us to be in the same location for its effects to take potency. To attune to your energy remotely, I connect with our joined light teams, spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, and all other receptive beings of light - through deep meditation. Here I allow them to show me, through the Psychic Clairs (below), what part of the body, mind, and/or emotions are desiring attention & love. I then send divine white light to all of the chakras to remove any energy blocks, stagnation, or density in your auric field. I will close the session with a tree grounding technique to root your foundations and allow balance into your experience.

psychic connectionns 

What are the 4 main Psychic Clairs?

These are the ways in which our senses perceive psychic communications. Clair is French for "Clear," with the most common example being Clairvoyance, or "Clear Seeing." This is the common theme imagined when one thinks of a psychic receiving a vision. It is received and interpreted through the mind's eye, or the 6th chakra (Third Eye).

  • Clairsentience : "Clear Feeling" - sensing energy physically in the body

  • Clairaudience : "Clear Hearing" - hearing vocals, songs, the higher self, tones/etc. in the mind's inner ear

  • Claircongnizance : "Clear Knowing" - knowing information that proves to be accurate without any prior knowledge or ability to have known so

  • Clairvoyance : "Clear Seeing" - energetically seeing an event, person, place, or thing through one own's third eye


Reiki can help to move dense energies that are stuck in your aura and chakra systems so you can experience your fullest potential of wellness. Energy techniques are intuitively guided and performed by white light, KI, & spirit of the light to move dense energies that may be keeping you stagnant, or in an  energetic loop. Reiki can assist in clearing space in your aura so you can further develop your psychic gifts & abilities, to connect deeper with nature and elemental spirits, to attract abundance, luck, and love into your life, & so much more!

Reiki sessions


I will allow spirit of light to guide in any extra tools or methods that may be desired. Each session will be performed during meditation, sensing through the Clairs, what information is seeking to be brought to the light.
I will use Clairvoyance combined with reiki hand movements to send white light into all of the chakras to balance and replenish their momentum.
Other methods that may be inspired by spirit :
  • Adding crystal, tarot and/or nature energy 

  • Tai Chi to flow energy

  • Sound healing (spoken word, vocal vibrations, song, tones, sacred chants, bells) 

  • Light Healing (sending color vibrations to parts of the body, aura, and/or chakras)

  • Sage, incense, or herb burning for specified purposes

  • Shamanic dance/rattles to break up dense energies

  • Elements energy (earth, air, fire, spirit & water)